Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sweet Babies

Here is my old roomies Sister-in-law. I just love thier little family. These sweet brothers are 11 months apart and such a blessing to their parents. Thanks so much for inviting me over Kari. I will finish the rest of them and give you a call in the next few days.

The mom was jealous that her sister in laws got to put bows on their girls. So she decided she wanted her boy to have a bow tie! What a cute idea...her sweet Mother in law sewed it for her.

This one is my ABSOLUTE Favorite! Makes me baby hungry! Doesn't he look like a present?

His "Big" Brother...almost One and such a cutie-patotie! I really admire his sweet patient mother. He was all Smiles!

This is the only picture we got of the kiddos together looking halfway decent. His big bro. thinks he is a baby doll and just pats and loves on him a little to hard.

Here is how most of them look....classic....they will love this one years from now.


Jennie said...

How wonderful! I love the one of Bryant in B&W with Kari holding him! All of them are great! I love Dallin, he is just the cutest thing! Raelyn has been crazy about him since day one. She even says his name, which is a big thing since she doesn't say very many actual words.

kariwhiting said...

Leah they look so wonderful i'm so excited to see the rest, thanks so much for all you did. it was a blast!