Thursday, February 21, 2008

40+ years of marriage.....4 kids much love!

{Meet the Smith's!}

Check out those cute grandkids in the front! Dont' you love it!

This was her idea....They were very sweet and still so in love!

All the siblings!


Bryan and Jen said...

Leah, the music teacher!!! So sad I can't remember her name right now. I saw her a few posts down. I thought they moved back to Texas? Totally confused right now...

Carolyn said...

Hey--I just commented up here so you would read it--but I love to come look at your blog anyway--I found it on Jennie's site--she is so fun because hs has so many links to hers--ANYWAY--rambling--just wanted to let you know that we put some of the pictures up on your blog--I figure that is okay because Jennis did it, and I gave you a little plug because we love them--just wanted to let you know. We are FINALlY printing them and putting them up on the walls and sending to family--Thanks again--Sorry such a long comment!!