Monday, September 14, 2009

Just to sweet not to share....

I have been dying to get a baby in this pose for months and sweet baby "O" curled right up and did it! I giggled when it happened!

This little lady's mother and I have been friends for 20+years. She is an amazing woman and as a gift we shot some pictures of her precious girl on Sunday.
I am still editing away at my brother and sister in laws wedding and am excited to edit the rest of this session.
Love you Kerrie...your little miss is too sweet!

Oh and FYI when I do get back to shooting I will be raising my prices.
Sittng Fee will be $150 for my time and talent and packages will start at $100. Thanks!


Liz Farnsworth said...

you did it! It looks great. How cute!

hcrjfrandall said...

Yay for you! Beautiful shot! Love it!

Kerrie said...

Yay! Thank you soooo much friend! I love you! Really meant a lot that you would do this with such a crazy schedule right now! That was the best gift ever! :) This pic is going to deffinately be one of the favs!

Angie said...

AAAAAA!!! I can't believe it worked out so well! I remember you tried to position my littles like that, but they just wouldn't stay. SO glad it worked this time. The picture is DARLING!