Friday, October 31, 2008

Dena & Jacob Wedding Day

I had an awesome time shooting my cousin's wedding. She is such a beautiful girl inside and out...and her new hubby is just perfect for her....enjoy some moments from their day!

Coming out of the temple...

It was hot and lunch time for all these grandbabies....tough times.....

These are her 6 beautiful sisters

With our beloved Grandpa Udall

Off to the reception in Solomonville Az. It was outside and it promptly rained at 7 and 9. Just before and after the reception. Isn't their cake cute?

The new Hubster and Wife....cute guys!

And I know we are going on picture overload but I just had to share a few more of the bridal pictures....I'm in love with so many! P.S. Sorry for the smaller pics...I didn't want to upload all of these babies twice!


Loree said...

Love all the pics Leah! they look great! I love when you put a lot to look at. i don't think it is picture overload! keep up the good work! love ya girl :)

Dena said...

Oh Leah they are so gorgeous! I love them! Thanks a million!

Linda Merrill said...

You're amazing Leah! I SOO wish you were doing pictures back when I got married.!!