Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Trumpet Man...a different kind of session

Here is my good friends husband. Her has his Master's Degree in Trumpet and plays in a symphony. We went out and took some shots for his portfolio. We had a great time being creative and always including his if you are a senior looking for some are a few examples.

Here he is with his gorgous friend!

In the Tux...for playbills and such!


Out There with the Gordon's said...

Leah, these are breath-taking. Sooooo professional. You should be discovered by Photo magazine. Is there a Photo magazine? Did he like the finished product? I can't imagine anyone not being pleased with your shots.

Linda said...

These are soooo good Leah! Very professional looking. We still need to get together - I will call you!

Lisa said...

Leah all your pictures are so amazing. You can tell you are just getting better and better. I love the one of the guy and the trumpet with the reflection. So good girl!!!!!