Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New watermark..and my adorable nephew!

Isn't he beautiful! Meet sweet Mr. C. My sister-in-laws baby who lives down the street.

The backdrop is paper(like butcher paper) and it was my Christmas present. I got blue and pink and my sweet husband made me a backdrop stand out of PVC pipe. The stand cost $25.00 instead of the $100.00 at the photography store. I just love it and today I figured out how to make a watermark of my logo onto my pictures so people on the web can't steal them. What a fun day!


the nobles said...

LOVIN' the new watermark and new backdrop! love the new logo too on the other blog! I think you and doug must be one of the best couple's guys make a great team! you are both so successful and ambitious when it comes to doing the things you each love and you both support each other 200%!i can't wait to visit with you again when we visit and I'm dying for you to take some pictures of our fam too! you are seriously SO talented! yeah dawg!

Jennie said...

Oh he is just so sweet! I love his "gummy" smile.

How clever you two are in making your backdrop!

PS. LOVE the pics you did of Carolyn's family!