Friday, June 12, 2009

3 Months....These will make you smile

My handsome Men....they are seriously the best babies...I'm so in love~
I can't believe they are mine and this big so far!





Clark....cried and cried when I put him on his tummy...maybe next month we will get some tummy shots.





jackie said...

OH my gosh Leah... 3 months already!!! They are just so handsome:)

Liz Farnsworth said...

They are so cute!! Love the hats.

Jessica said...

Super cute! Love the hats!

Tami Proffitt said...

oh how sweet leah! isn't sad how time just flies at mach speed with our babie! sniff sniff! your guys couldn't be any cuter...the smiles just melt my heart!

Micaela said...

so stinkin cute!! love that tongue!! great shots...did you use flash or just natural?

gina said...

leah, i am in shock. are those really the sweet peas that i took pictures of?!! these pictures are fabulous, woman, glad to see you're picking up the camera again.

hcrjfrandall said...

Too CUTE! I can't believe my boys used to be that little! They are so adorable!

Picture Perfect said...

They really are such cute boys! We need to come visit again. Don't you have another blog thats just your family?